Friday, 16 March 2012

The finished product...

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me. My daughter has learnt to crawl and both of us have been a little under weather. I've also been for a job interview, and it never ceases to amaze me that at an interview they tell you, you will receive a phonecall by the end of the week and know either way. Well, it's past the end of the week and I still haven't had my phonecall. But, it's no great loss, it obviously wasn't meant to be :-)

However, let's get onto to the more interesting things... I finally got a chance to sew today and have finished the two projects I have been working on! The first one, a present for a very lucky mum-to-be and the other a rock n' roll skirt for my Aunty.

Let's start with the skirt! My Aunty and her husband love to rock n' roll and this month they are attending an Elvis festival. So, she decided to pull out a skirt she had made many moons ago and asked me to take it up and embroider the satin top skirt. I'm pretty impressed with my trimming and hemming of the under skirt, but have to say I am extremely proud of the embroidered satin skirt. I was a little worried about metallic thread and satin but I think this gold Elvis has turned out a treat and will look amazing when she's cutting up the floor :-) Pictures of the finished product can be viewed on my facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=268093169939091&set=a.268093146605760.64696.216501918431550&type=1&theater I will also post some of 'Elvis' stitching out.

The other project had multiple items but I am more than happy to oblige as baby things are my favourite :-) First was a set of white towels with a neutral design, so bright spinning tops were chosen. Then a few baby singlets (cos let's be honest they never go astray :-) and to finish it off asome shoulder clothes. Now I don't know about anyone else but when my little girl was first born I carried round cloth nappies and they are quite bulky in the nappy bag, I wish I had one of these before. The three finished ones can be seen on this link!/photo.php?fbid=268094286605646&set=a.268094256605649.64697.216501918431550&type=1&theater.

So, for now that's where my creations finish, however my next project is an apron with an attached hand-towel, so some pattern adjusting will be required :-) but I'm up for the challenge and look forward to tackling it very shortly.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My First Blog

So, after a bit of consideration and a nice nudge from a friend I have decided to start a blog regarding my creations.

In 2011 I became a new mum and whilst I enjoyed working fulltime in Marketing I have decided that it's really not much my thing anymore. So, late last year I decided to start putting my 'free time' to use and embroider a few items to sell at a market stall. The day was a success, in my eyes anyway, and the start of my new business venture... Kelly Maris Creations.

Now, a few months down the track I have created a facebook page and am on the way to a website and a few other little added favours.

Just last month I completed a custom order for my little cousin. He was attending a wedding for a work colleague and wanted to give something that was a little different. I was very happy to oblige and quite impressed with how the bath towel set turned out. The photo's can be viewed on my facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=247208225360919&set=a.226713097410432.56267.216501918431550&type=1&theater

And now, I am working on two orders for one of my aunties. One is for a new baby and the other is for my aunty herself. I am halfway through the little ones order of a bath towel set, singlets and some shoulder cloths (much easier than carrying round an entire cloth nappy for those 'emergencies').

My other project is my first as a 'seamstress'. I'm a little scared of this one as I have to go by eye but I think it will turn out a huge success! I don't want to give too much away for either project but I am looking forward to being able to share the photos of the projects along the way and the finished product.

Kelly x